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March 13
Thetis Lake
Hello Hikers,
Margaret and I will be leading a hike at Thetis Lake this Friday. The hike will take about two hours. There are some very muddy/rooty sections along McKenzie creek. Good dry footwear and poles are recommended. The forecast is for wet weather and maybe a few snow flakes. If the weather isn’t co-operating we will eliminate the muddy/rooty section and head to “serious coffee” early.
Meet at Fowler Road parking lot for car pooling and a 9 am departure.

General information about the group can be found below the pictures.

Feb 14, 2020 – Bear Hill

Feb 14, 2020 – Partridge Hills


Saturna Island Group – Sept. 2018                                          Wow!  Careful there!!



                                         Views on the Galiano Hike



             Royal Roads Hike – Oct. 2018                       Goldstream – November 2018


            Goldstream – November 2018                                       Matheson Lake Hike


Sea to Sky Sojurn — Dec. 2019                                                                            


  Sherry Shuffle Sojurn — Dec. 2019






Hiking Group 

This group is for members who want a rigorous hike, with varying degrees of difficulty, lasting 2-3 hours.  In addition to a regular hike we may also schedule an alternate, longer more rigorous hike.  Members should be reasonably fit, wear hiking shoes or boots, bring water and a snack.  Many bring hiking poles on the more hilly hikes. After the hike, coffee is our reward!  The hiking group meets Fridays at 8:50 am. at the Fowler Road parking lot.

The group relies upon members to suggest and lead hikes. When proposing a Hike, please refer to the schedule and provide the date & destination.  When submitting your specific hike details for group circulation, kindly aim to have these e-mailed to me latest by the Wednesday afternoon before hike day.

When considering to lead a hike, you may find that our list of hikes will be of use. The data has been compiled by Mick Phillips and, while not exhaustive, provides a comprehensive list of locations tackled over the years by the CB55+ Group.  We’re indebted to Mick for pulling this together for us.  A number of these will be quite familiar to most of the Group however, for those members less so, a quick “google” will provide you with more detail.  That said, if anyone has other fresh ideas on where we could hike, please do feel free to bring them forward. As with new leaders, new destinations will always be welcomed.

Contact: Stew Arnold at stewart.arnold@shaw.ca or Craig Hilborne at  hilbornes@gmail.com


Protocol: Change of Plan/Cancel:  We are a well prepared group and while the numbers may decrease in inclement weather we seldom change plans or cancel.  But, occasionally it may be prudent to do so. What we will do is if conditions are in doubt, the hike leader and myself will make an assessment and if there is a change send out an email by 8:00 am.  If no message, no change.  Please check your email before heading out.

Protocol: Proceeding Directly to Trail-head:  If you are proceeding directly to the trail-head please advise the hike leader and/or myself in advance and leave a contact number if you have one. The hike leader and/or myself will include a contact number in the weekly hike notice. This requirement is necessary in case something comes up on the way to the trial-head, either with you or the rest of the group. I realize that there are places where cell coverage is not good but we will do the best we can.


mobile: 250-361-7250






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