Walking Group

Friday, March 6th Walk

This week’s walk is being led by Ruth and Allan Holmes.  They have exchanged their dates with the Tobacco’s who are away on vacation.

We will meet at Lochside Park and start the walk at 9:30 a.m.  We will be going north along the trail to at least Dooley Rd, and could go a little further to the pig pen if people want and the sun is out. The trail is flat and wide with lots of light coming in this time of year, greenery just starting to show.
Coffee will be at  The Ridge.
Questions? call  Allan or Ruth at 250 477 0011

Next week’s walk (March 13) is shown on the group calendar as being led by Jeanne Tweten

Looking at the Bird Sculptures at Esquimalt Lagoon
          Pictures from the walk along Windsor Park/Oak Bay Centennial Trail 
                                                                                                  Great group of stalwart walkers
                                                                                                                                        Feb. 8, 2019
 Camus Blooms in Playfair Park                                          UVIC Gardens
                    Feb. 19/19                                                                     May 2019


This is a year-round activity for its 40+ members.  If you are interested in participating in our 60 to 90 minute walks on relatively flat surfaces with a maximum of 20 consecutive stairs,  please contact Pat Bancroft at 250-380-2411 or patbancroft1946@gmail.com or Margaret Bates at 250-544-2177 or margaretbates@shaw.ca.  Walks are scheduled on Friday mornings at 9:30.   All members take turns in leading a walk,  providing information a week in advance of the meeting location for the walk, and reserving a coffee location.      



– new ideas for walking routes are always welcome
– walks should be 60 to 90 minutes in length
– a notice regarding your walk should be sent to Pat on or before the Monday prior to your walk – please copy Margaret on your notice as she is Pat’s backup.   The notice should include information about the length of the walk,  the meeting location,  the coffee location, and how to reach you 
– maximum 20 stairs in any one place (some of us have knee and breathing problems)
– if snowing, walks are cancelled    
– walks are scheduled whether rain or shine and the leader should be at the starting location
– if heavy rain, the group (who turns up) decides whether to walk or to go for coffee instead of a walk
– if you are unable to lead a walk, it is your responsibility to find someone to take your place and
  to advise Pat and Margaret of this change so that their master lists are always up-to-date
– with vacations, other hikes, family, etc. we realize that you won’t be at some walks–no problem and no pressure
– if you wish to be removed from the distribution list, please contact Pat


Suggestions for walks:  Playfair Park, Island View Beach, Cedar Hill Golf Course, Swan Lake, Wlk Lake, Langford Lake, Sidney, Dean Park, Cordova Bay, Broadmead, Behind Butchart’s Garden, Lochside Trail, Cordova Bay Ridge, Bow Park, Brentwood,  Rithets Bog, Outerbridge Park, Cadboro Bay, Quadra Water Reserve, Sidney Airport, Cattle Point, Oak Bay, etc.  NEW WALKS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.



Friday walks scheduled are:       


  • January 31st                                                                           Parton


  • February 7th                                                                           Pearson
  • February 14th                                                                         Sears
  • February 21st                                                                          Sexton
  • February 28th                                                                          Starks


  • March 6th                                                                                Tobacco
  • March 13th                                                                              Tweten
  • March 20th                                                                              Bates/Hughes
  • March 27th                                                                              Bancroft


  • April 3rd                                                                                  Banfield
  • April 10th                                                                                Beauchamp
  • April 17th                                                                                Bishop
  • April 24th                                                                                Childs


  • May 1st                                                                                        Dutton                                 
  • May 8th                                                                                        Greig/Jergens
  • May 15th                                                                                      Harrison
  • May 22nd                                                                                     Holmes
  • May 29th                                                                                      Jeffrey





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