Tiny Moments

Tiny Moments by Rosalie Knogler
With greater meaning now, these tiny moments in time will become our memories….
The first time we heard the news on television about a terrible virus, so far away- not to worry
The first hilarious jokes, so creative, but not so funny now
The first large numbers reported in several countries, is it possible that it could come here?
The first cancelled meetings and events, lineups at grocery stores, not seeing family and friends except on video
The first shutting down of borders, testing people, closing schools restaurants parks and playgrounds
The first masses of people walking and cycling, smiling over their face masks at the sunshine and spring flowers
The first real fear for family in isolation, a sister ill in hospital, distant friends coping with the virus
What will the outcome be? Will we come through this alive and unscathed or changed and ever worried for the next first wave?
I choose to believe that our next first tiny moments will be good news and open doors and hugs 


If you would like to contact Rosalie please e-mail her at knogler@shaw.ca

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