Spring Dinner and Show

If you are planning on attending the 7th Annual Dinner and Show PLEASE let the office <cb55@shawbiz.ca> know before Friday, March 11.  This is an enjoyable and painless fund raising event.  For your $50 ticket you will receive a lovely buffet dinner, great entertainment and lots of camaraderie.  There will also be a fund raising raffle worth $1500 to $2000. The sooner we know if there is enough interest to hold this event the sooner we can make arrangements for the entertainment.  Just let us know your intentions by Friday, March 11.  You will not be asked to pay for your ticket until we know we have enough people attending to make it a go.  Bring a friend – they don’t need to be a member

Saturday evening May 14, 2011.
5 to 8:30pm
Greek Orthodox Church Hall
(beside Commonwealth Place) – wheelchair accessible

$50 to be paid when you purchase your ticket (commit now, pay later)

Membership – just $40! Remember you must be a paid-up member by February 28th to take advantage of ALL the activities offered by CB 55.  You may renew your membership at the office which is open from 9 am to noon every weekday.

Spring Course Registration Day is on Tuesday, March 8  (after drop-in) for members to sign up and pay for courses they would like to take during the spring months .  Judy Burgoyne will be looking after registration.

At our last Tuesday drop-in we were all moved by the presentation of The Victoria Riding for the Disabled Association.  This is an organization that provides horseback riding programs for children and adults with disabilities to improve their physical, psychological and social well being.

Fab Five We are very proud of our founders who received a certificate of recognition from the Beacon Community Services and Peninsula News.  They are Inez Cole, who first visuallized the concept, Gwen MacPherson, Daphne Chazottes, Jack Willoughby and Rich McMorran.  They are affectionatley known to us as the Fab Five.  It was their foresight, inspiration and hard work starting in 1999 that made our CB 55+ Association what it is today.  Thank you Fab Five!  In our eyes you deserve Olympic gold.

Cordova Bay 55+ Association

Help In Fundraising
Donations can be made by cheque and dropped off or mailed to:

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
#1-5238 Cordova Bay Road,
Victoria, BC, V8Y 2L2
Telephone: 250-658-5558
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