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Bard, Book, and Canto
The Poetry Group

Fall 2020, first meeting October 15, all things willing.
We get together to discuss the creative writing of others, the great poets. Ours is not a creative writing group. We consider ways of appreciating poems, even if we don’t like them. We often discover affection, however, even if we didn’t like them very much, at first. We listen to poems. We consider things like rhyme, word choice, rhythm, stanza structure. We have found that a poet’s personal life and beliefs can make us comfortable with a poem, but these facts add less then one might expect to clarification of a poem’s meaning. Poetry is all about Language. Words. We spend plenty of time in the dictionary.

For more information, contact Ron Marken any time before midnight.
250-213-2928 or tobnoz@mac.com



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