New Societies Act Legislation

New BC Societies Act Legislation
Proposed Changes: Explanatory Notes

The new BC Societies Act requires that societies review their Constitution and Bylaws and file revised Constitution and Bylaws to conform to the new Act.

The Association’s current Constitution and Bylaws generally conform to the legislation and are very well drafted to meet the specific needs of the Association.

The Board has reviewed the Constitution and Bylaws and proposes the following changes be approved by Resolutions at a Special Meeting of the Association:

1. The purpose as stated in the present Constitution is:

“To relieve loneliness and isolation of the aged and to improve their mobility and fitness by establishing, operating, and maintaining a Senior Citizens’ Centre, to provide recreation, education, cultural activities, and other programs for senior citizens.”

The Board recommends the Purpose be changed to:

“To provide an inclusive volunteer organization for older adults that supports various interests, across generations, enriching the lives of our members and the wider community in which we live.”

This wording reflects the current way in which the Association functions and the programs that are offered and has been extracted from our Mission Statement as articulated at the recent Strategic Planning meeting.

The new Act limits the Constitution to the name and purpose of the Society. Therefore, Sections 3 and 4 are relocated to the Bylaws. Section 5 is deleted as the new Act does not allow for unalterable Bylaws.

2. The Board proposes that the Bylaws be updated and amended to conform to present practices. The revised Bylaws retain most of the language of the present Bylaws except that the various clauses have been re-arranged into a more appropriate order and the following substantive changes are recommended:

  • Section 4.7 recognizes the present practice of not requiring members of age 90 or more to pay the membership fee.
  • Section 7.4 recognizes the present practice that the immediate Past President be ex officio a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  • Section 7.5 changes the requirement that Executive Officers be elected by the membership to the more usual practice of election by the Board of Directors.


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