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Our CB55+Mahjong group has had a successful and enjoyable year. Formal classes were offered in January (2019) but an insufficient number signed up to warrant hiring an instructor.  Instead, we invited those interested to come along on a Friday afternoon, watch a game or two, ask questions, and play with a mentor.  This one-on-one system worked extremely well and as a result we have acquired half a dozen new regular players and another half-dozen “drop ins”.

Almost from the beginning our group has played a modified version of Western Mahjong.  Because we enjoy the game in a social rather than competitive context, we have eliminated the building of walls and tallying of scores. This speeds things up considerably, enabling us to play three to five games in the time it would take to complete one game at the official level.  And there are always people willing to play if someone requests a game at the official level.

To further our skills without overwhelming our “little grey cells”, we struck a committee to identify those “special hand” games we would permit that are somewhat more challenging and provide some variety. Occasionally one will generate a lively discussion from which we all benefit.  Our sincere thanks to the committee for reducing six overwhelming pages to three simplified and manageable ones.

We continue to welcome new players interested in learning more about the game.  Drop in to the Studio any  Friday  between 1 and 3:30.   And we would be extremely grateful if anyone has a MahJong set they would consider donating to CB55+.

If there are further questions, please contact Chris Greenwood at 250-478-6866 or




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