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Family history is our legacy.  Learn ways to research through software programs, visitations to web sites and in person, to archives (local or elsewhere). Find ways to preserve what we discover or what we know.  Is DNA the way to go?  How do you know the information you have gathered is accurate? Members share stories and knowledge to knock down ‘brick walls’ in their research. 



Our December 10th  meeting will be:

So your ancestors came from Ireland?  England?  Scotland?  Now What?
Come and enjoy a lively session of exploration with Barb.  She has much knowledge about searching for ancestors, including geographical information that will help you narrow your search and understand your ancestor’s lives. Presenter: Barbara Doell


January 14th:

Canadian research: Learn strategies and tips for honing in on relatives from Nova Scotia, Ontario or British Columbia.   Presenter: Sandra Gill 


The Family History group is open to everyone.  No experience necessary.



For further information please contact the group leader, Kelly Urarii at  We have a new meeting time — the second Tuesday of each month, 1:00 to 3:00 pm. 




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