Our CB55+ Corn Roast and Pot Luck Luncheon for 2019 was held on September 3rd at Saanich Heritage Acres.  As usual there was plenty of great food and lots of visiting done by all.  We were able to have a train ride and tour around the grounds before lunch as well.  Lots of fun — brought the kids out in us when we went through the tunnel!

There were several of the buildings open for us to look at.  Did you see some of the antiques in the museum that you might have used growing up?!!  Lovely cars, corn husk dolls, the blacksmith building — so much more. 

Thank you to everyone who brought a potluck item, who volunteered for setting up and cleaning up – we couldn’t have had such a wonderful time without your help!! 



As summer is nearing to an end we are now beginning to start our CB55+ Groups and Courses.  Check the sign-up folders in the Lounge for courses and classes.

Over the summer we had two fun events.   July  9th we had our annual Berries and Waffles and August 13th our CB55+ BBQ.  Thank you to all our many volunteers – it was great to meet up with friends and neighbours over the summer.  Hope to see you all next year!!!



The Agenda and Reports for our 2019 Annual General Meeting (Tuesday, March 26, at 10:00 am.)  have been e-mailed or mailed to all members – please bring your own copies to the meeting as there will be no copies available at the Centre.

Also, there will be a sandwich lunch right after the AGM, with the Board of Directors helping to serve.

Hope to see you there!



Thank you so much Pat Robertson and the wonderful members of the Blue Heron Singers.  We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day 2019 with lots of singing, jokes, poetry and skits.  It was so much fun!  Looking forward to next year – how will you outdo yourselves for 2020?!!


As this service is run as a partnership with the CRA-Community Income Tax Program, Saanich Volunteer Society and Saanich Recreation, we thought this might be of interest to you.

Canada Revenue Agency works in partnership with several organizations to provide free tax clinics through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.  This program is available to those of us with modest incomes and a simple tax situation.  (A modest income is suggested to be $35,000 for 1 person or $45,000 for 2 persons.)

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this service, it is available through several community and recreation centres including Cedar Hill Rec Centre, Monterey Centre, and James Bay Community Centre.

In Saanich the service is available at Cedar Hill Rec Centre until April 29th on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons and also Thursday evening.  You can book an appointment at 250-595-8008.  This service is run as a partnership with the CRA – Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, Saanich Volunteers Society and Saanich Recreation.

If you live in the Cordova Bay area and would have difficulty getting to an outside centre, Fiona Millard is willing to visit your home to assist you with your taxes through this program.  Please call her at 250-721-1971.  Fiona volunteers for this service through Saanich Volunteers and Monterey Centre. She would appreciate you having the previous year’s tax return (for 2017) on hand for reference. 

In order to be eligible for this service, a simple tax situation includes income from employment, pension, RRSP, RRIF, dividends, interest under $1000, disability and social assistance benefits. However, no self-employed income, rental income, or capital gains and losses from sale of shares. More information on this program is available on CRA’s web-site.

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