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Call for Nominations – March 31st Annual General Meeting

Our organization is governed by a talented and dedicated Board of Directors. These fellow CB55+ members work to ensure that our organization is cohesive and effective in providing many, and varied programming opportunities for all of us to enjoy. They also work to ensure that all the requirements of a Non-profit organizations are met, and that our relationship with the School Board District 63, and the District of Sannich, are strong and progressive. The Board of Directors is a vital and exciting part of our organization.

The Board of Directors is structured such that there are a few vacancies each year that must be filled from our membership. This year there are 4 positions that must be filled by the AGM on March 31, 2020.

We are a strong organization with many talented and capable people. Our membership is 600+ strong. We have many members who could provide leadership as a Director on our Board , and join this vital team who works on the behalf of the whole membership.

The nominating Committee is encouraging and requesting that those who are interested in becoming a Director, or who know someone who would make a prefect candidate, please contact any of the Committee members for further information on the process.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.


Sue Melrose – Nominations Committee Chair

Andrea Lindsay

Bob McHugh




Our new coordinator for the Trusted Trades program is Elizabeth Carson. She can be reached at elizacarson@hotmail.com .


Elizabeth is well qualified for this position and is very delighted to be chosen. She possesses good and reasoned judgement regarding the goals and guidelines of this program, has time to devote to the organization of the various categories.




We are most grateful for your positive remarks following the issuing of our Trusted Trades initiative. Hopefully you will find it helpful in the weeks and months ahead.  We appreciate the fine work done by Margaret Macintyre in helping to get this started. Unfortunately Margaret is no longer able to continue accepting referrals and so we are looking again for a coordinator for this program. That person will need good computer skills and the ability to enlarge this list as submissions are sent in.

 In the meantime please submit referrals for Trusted Trades to either Sue Jergens at sjergens@hotmail.com or Patricia Houston at  phouston@telus.net . If you or anyone you know is interested in continuing this excellent work now underway please contact either Sue or Patricia. We will let you know when we have found a replacement for Margaret.



Our board sponsored Trusted Trades initiative is well underway and we will soon have it up and running.  This endeavour will only be as successful as the members make it.  We need everyone to think about who has been helpful to them in some way that they would recommend to the members.  This is about members helping members.  We are off to a good start but need more submissions.  You can send your recommendations to Sue Jergens at  sjergens@hotmail.com or Patricia Houston at  phouston@telus.net   It is important to check with the person before recommending them, to give your name, phone and email as a contact and tell why you are recommending them. Thank you for helping to make this a successful project.

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