AGM 2018 Information

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
Annual General Meeting
March 20th, 2018 — 10:00 am.


9:30 am. Coffee
10:00 am. Welcome: Louise Parton
10:10 am. Special Recognition of CB55+ Founding Members “Fab 5”: Mick Phillips
Unveil Memorial picture – Gwen MacPherson & Jack Willoughby
10:25 am. Annual General Meeting

1.  Approval of Agenda

2.  Approval of AGM Minutes, March 21, 2017

3.  President’s report: Louise Parton

4.  Treasurer’s report: Chris Carter/Fred Cornborough

5.  Standing Committee reports:
a. Programs: Rikki Bowman
b. Services: Von Bishop
c. Governance: Dave Docherty

6.  Election of Board of Directors: Dave Docherty
 a. Proposed slate of Directors
b. Call for nominations from the floor
c. Election of Directors if necessary (members in good standing only)

7.  Closing comments: Louise Parton

8.  Motion to adjourn

11:55 am. Lunch

04 CB55+ Reports to AGM Mar 2018 – Financial

05 CB55+ Reports to AGM Mar 2018 – Auditor




Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
Annual General meeting
March 21st, 2017

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President David Docherty who
acknowledged that the 55 Plus Association Centre is located on the traditional territory of
First Nations. Dave then asked those present to bow their heads in remembrance of
those members who have passed away during the past year.

It is noted that Notice of Meeting was duly served and there was a quorum present.

1. Approval of agenda
Motion: The Agenda be approved as circulated.
Bob Wormald/Pat Bancroft – Carried

2. Approval of AGM Minutes, March 22nd, 2016
Motion: The AGM Minutes of March 22, 2016 be approved.
Louise Parton/Rikki Bowman – Carried

3. President’s report: David Docherty
Dave presented the President’s Report (attached). In his Report, Dave gave a huge
thanks to all the volunteers that make the Association the success it is. Dave also
highlighted the inaugural Cordova Bay Leadership Awards Program awarding Rich
McMorran the inaugural individual Leadership Award and the inaugural Group Award
to the CB 55+ Association. He commented on the increase in membership of CB 55+
over the past several years and the possibility of growing even further with the
additional residential complexes that are being planned in the community. This was
not apparent at the time of writing his report for the AGM. There is a very
comprehensive report on the “space-needs” for CB 55+ which examined the several
options that might be necessary should the membership continue to increase at its
current rate. He indicated a committee will be struck to look into the viability of
increasing or accessing space to accommodate the potential growth in membership
and the impact it may have on the programs and activities of CB 55+. Dave
concluded by stating his appreciation to each of the Board members for the past four
years during his term as President. Dave will continue on the Board as Past

4. Treasurer’s report: Chris Carter/Fred Cornborough
Chris presented the Treasurer’s Report and the Auditor’s Report (attached) thanking
Fred Cornborough for conducting the review. Chris highlighted the following: the
membership continues to grow at in excess of 10%, revenue includes funding
through Thriftys’ Smile Card program and Tru Value’s donations, overall expenses
are similar to previous year’s, and net assets are in excess of $205,000 including
investments in excess of $171,000. Chris thanked Andrea and Velma and the office
staff for making his job easier. Chris concluded by stating that the Association has a
healthy financial position, observing that perhaps too healthy and that the
Association will have to look at spending some of its surplus.

Total Income for 2016 $ 36,466.58
Surplus $ 21,326.15
Capital Fund $ 9,874.99
Investments $171,668.28
Net Assets $205,563.49

Motion: The Treasurer’s Report be approved.
Chris Carter/Mick Phillips – Carried

Motion: To appoint Fred Cornborough Reviewer for 2017
Chris Carter/Doug Skillings – Carried

5. Standing Committee reports
a. Programs: Rikki Bowman
Rikki presented the Program, Courses, Events, Special Interest Groups, Theatre,
Travel Report (attached). Rikki gave a special thank you to everyone who
volunteers in the office for their time and patience to make the programs and
events happen.

b. Services: Mike Mooney
Mike presented the Services Report (attached) including: Maintenance, Office –
Andrea, Membership – Velma, Kitchen – Helen, Volunteers – Doris, Outreach –
Sue, and Information Technology – Von.
There was also recognition from the floor for the Friday On-The-Go group.

c. Governance: Louise Parton
Louise presented the Governance Report (attached).

6. Election of Board of Directors: Mick Phillips
Mick Phillips, Chair of the Nominating Committee presented the slate for election.
Slate of officers:
Past President ‘ex officio’:
Dave Docherty
Continuing (term expires 2018 AGM):
Stew Arnold
Von Bishop
Rikki Bowman
Chris Carter
Andrea Lindsey
Helen Maxwell
Velma Minckler
Tom Wood

Standing for Re-election (term expires 2019 AGM):
Doris Brix
Mike Mooney
Louise Parton
Sue Williams

Nominated by Nominating Committee (term expires 2019 AGM):
Sue Melrose

Call for nominations from the floor
Election of officers if necessary (registered members only)
The Directors standing for re-election and Sue Melrose were declared
elected by acclamation.

A question was asked from the floor if the new process for electing the executive
officers by the Board was a requirement of the new Societies Act. Dave
responded that it is not a requirement of the new act but it was recommended by
the Board as part of the revised By-Laws that were approved at a Special
Meeting of the Association.
Dave thanked Mick and the Nominations Committee.

7. Closing comments:
Louise thanked Dave for all his work as President and stated what a privilege
and pleasure it has been working with him on the Board. Louise invited the other
members of the Board to say a few words to Dave. All of the Board members
responded to Louise’s invitation.

Dave thanked the Board for their support to him as President. Dave also gave
thanks to all those individuals and groups who have given their time and efforts
to the Association and mentioned Judy Burgoyne and Brenda Hurd who are
responsible for the Association website and the Blue Heron newsletter.
The members gave Dave a standing ovation.

8. Motion to adjourn
Motion: To adjourn. Louise/Chris




Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018
Committee or Area of Interest: President’s Report
Report prepared by: Louise Parton

It is hard to believe that it is nearly a year since I was voted by the Board to be President of this vibrant organization. As I reflect on this past year I’ve been so thankful for the opportunity to work alongside such a skilled, dedicated, talented, wise, and hard working board of volunteer directors. Their support throughout this year has been so much appreciated. Board meetings always have very full agendas and we have addressed many interesting and challenging issues.

Much thought and energy goes into trying to resolve them in the best interests of all our
members. The many programs, courses, events, SIG’s, Tuesday drop-ins, morning coffee and
cookies and Wednesday lunches are all well attended and successful. Even though we are a
very successful organization we do acknowledge that sometimes we could do things better
which we continually strive to do. One of our goals this year was to try keep you informed of
some of the issues we deal with at the Board level. Towards this end we have started emailing
a “Monthly 55+ Board Summary Report” to our membership that I hope you find helpful and

As in previous years, this year has been very busy with lots of activities and services offered to our members. Our Christmas Luncheons, at the Beach House Restaurant, have grown to be so successful that we’ve had to restrict the number of tickets to 150 members, leaving many
disappointed when tickets were sold out within the first half hour of going on sale. As our
membership is growing (635) the Board has addressed this situation and is pleased to
announce we will offer two Beach House Christmas luncheons on December 3rd and 4th in
2019. This should allow us to accommodate all members who wish to come as well as their
guests. We will also be hosting a Christmas drop-in on Tuesday, December 18th between 10.30 until 2.00 pm at the Centre which should provide an opportunity to drop in and meet informally and socialize while enjoying seasonal goodies and hot Apple Cider while Christmas music plays softly in the background.

We have had another busy year with our intergenerational programs which we believe are still
very unique in our area, if not beyond, and provides a wonderful opportunity for our members to work with the teachers and children of Cordova Bay Elementary. Members who participate
continually comment they get much more out of it than the children but we also know the
children are most appreciative of all that we do. Once again this year our Association donated
$1,400.00 in grocery gift cards to be included in the Christmas hampers the school distributed to five needy local families.

It would be impossible for me to list all the activities that are offered during the year at CB 55+. I would really encourage you to read all the reports on all the different activities and services we provide so you can also appreciate what we offer as well as the people who make it all happen.  I am sure you will be as impressed as the Board along with the many visitors we have coming to the centre. We hope we offer something for all our members but always encourage you to come forward with new ideas and initiatives to make us better.

The Board is very cognizant of the number of members we have as well as the potential for
future growth based on the recently approved residential buildings in the Cordova Bay area. As with the Christmas luncheon, we continue to explore ways to accommodate the needs of our members but are also aware we have restrictions based on the space that we have available at CB 55+. Towards this end, the Board has appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to explore ways in which we can expand our current physical facilities. You are also probably aware the School has some challenges in regard to accommodating their current and projected increase in student enrolment. Towards this end the Committee is working with the School Board to see if there is an effective way for us to address both our needs for more space. We will keep you posted on how this evolves.

It was with regret I accepted the resignation part way through the year of Tom Wood. Tom
chose to step down for personal reasons. He has been a valued Board member for the past five years and appreciated for his counsel and many contributions to the Board. We wish you well and thank you for your service to CB 55+.

Velma Minckler will also be leaving the Board as she has completed her third two year term and according to our Bylaws is required to step down from her position on the Board. That is 6 years of invaluable contributions. Velma has served as our Membership Coordinator and has spent countless hours fulfilling the responsibilities related to that position. She has been a
valued voice at the board table and a thoughtful contributor to discussions. Her dedication to the Board and the CB 55+ organization is much appreciated. Thank you Velma, enjoy the break.

In closing, I’d like to thank all the many, many volunteers who offer their time and talents to all the things we offer. You are really the ones who make things ‘happen’! Don’t forget to give them a hug of appreciation. Also a big thanks to you, all our members, for your enthusiasm as you contribute in so many small and large ways to this amazing organization.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Program, Courses, Events, Special Interest Groups,
Theatre, Travel
Report prepared by: Rikki Bowman

2017/2018 has been a busy and interesting year for CB55+ members and we must recognize
the time and effort of our many dedicated volunteers who provide the energy and creativity that makes membership so very satisfying!

Barb Waldner and her committee again provided interesting and educational Tuesday morning drop-in programs; and as in past years, have proved adept at making last minute changes!  We enjoyed armchair travel with a number of our members hosting, educational and enlightening speakers, musical presentations, and seasonal celebrations, many including
lunches or treats.  Barb also checks on our sick or ailing members and sends get well & sympathy cards every month.

Courses & Excursions
Pat Bancroft & Mary Horton have once more arranged to provide opportunities to learn new
skills and see new places:

CB55+ Courses
iPad – Beginner, Intermediate (through March 6)
Bridge – Beginner and On-going (through March 2)
Mah Jong – Beginner
Ukulele (Jan/Feb)
Evening Craft Classes
Women’s Fitness (ongoing)
Osteofit (ongoing)
Telus-Wise Seminar – Internet and Smartphone Education (March – 2 sessions)
AED Refresher (April) – Board Responsibility
Pickleball Beginners (CB Elementary School gym/Advanced (Saanich Commonwealth)
Arthritis Education Sessions (Sept/Oct)

Saanich Courses
Line Dancing
Yoga – Hatha, Gentle, Chair, Tessa Rae

January – Birding @ Esquimalt Lagoon
February – Jewish Synagogue Tour
March – Thrifty/Sobey’s Tour
April – Guided Tree Walk at UVic
May – Playfair Park
June – Arbutus Singers
August – Car Rally, Bayside Big Band
September – Roost Farm/Restaurant
October – Heritage Acres
November – Coast Collective Art Centre
December – Yellowpoint Christmas Spectacular
Blood Pressure Clinics – November/February
Flu Shots – October/November

Special Interest Groups
Our 23 Special Interest Groups continue to give members the chance to socialize while playing 
games or being creative in their own areas of expertise. The complete listing of Groups, Leaders, times & places is published in every edition of the Blue Heron Newsletter. Examples of a few of the Groups’ activities follow in these reports submitted by some of our Group Leaders:

Art Group – led by Jane Bishop:
2017 continued to see a core group of artists meeting regularly on a Monday afternoon to share creativity, conversation, laughter, and inspiration. We also went on our annual two day summer solstice art retreat at Cameron Lake where we had the opportunity to draw, paint and create in the majesty of Cathedral Grove. Please keep May 26th, 2018 free as the Art Group gears up for our first show and tea!

Artisan Crafts – led by Barbara Wade:
We have 8 or so members in this group although over the last year some people have dropped
out and several new members have joined. We try to work on a new craft every month, but
sometimes we need more than one meeting to finish the items we make. Last year we made:
greeting cards using shaving cream as a medium, kumihimo bracelets and necklaces, basket
weaving, pin weaving, Christmas decorations made from beach driftwood. We also went on an excursion to the Coast Collective in Langford to see the arts and crafts on display and for sale.  We had our first meeting of this year in January and decided to do shaving cream greeting cards again, as some members are new to the group and wanted to try it. The turnout for the meeting in January was small and some people do not like driving in the dark nights of winter. I will monitor the attendance to determine if we have a viable number to continue. The ones who are attending really enjoy it. I would like to see the attendance get to 10 so that when people are away we have enough to make a meeting worthwhile.

Blue Heron Singers – led by Pat Robertson:
This is the tenth year of singing together for the CB55+ Community Choir, The Blue Heron
Singers. From the start, we have sung mainly for our own enjoyment and benefit. This past
year, for CB55+ we also put on a Ceilidh in March and a Christmas program in December. We took part in the Canada Day program in June, and welcomed everyone to our Community
Christmas Song and Carol Sing.  This is also the tenth year of our at least twice a year visits to the Adult Day Program in the Cordova Bay United Church Hall, where we sang together and presented a program for the clients there.  Our Choir continues to welcome and benefit from new members who have joined us all during the year.  We appreciate very much the work of the Board and other CB55+ members whose generous voluntary contributions provide opportunities for us all.

Book Club – led by Sue Jergens:
Our book club continues to attract new members. Because our members love to travel as well
as read, attendance varies. We currently have 11 active members and more are welcome. Our
discussions are always interesting and take us in many different directions. Books for February and March are The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert and To All Purposes a Lady by Marilyn Bowering.

Bridge Groups:
Wednesday Afternoon – led by Orma Paton. The more experienced Bridge players play every
Wednesday after noon, often 6-7 tables of 4 in the (very quiet) Big Room.

Friday Morning – led by Karen Bryan:
Our group continues to meet Mondays at 9:00 am. We are a group of new Bridge players who
are trying to improve our game and have some fun while doing so. Anyone wanting to come
and play is very welcome.

Digital Photography Group – led by Diane Anderson & Diane Cowden:
We have a regular group size of 8 to 10 people. The goal is to improve our photographic ‘eye’
and knowledge by providing tips on composition, and viewing images by the best photographers for inspiration. Photo editing is an ongoing activity. Each meeting, members bring in photos they have taken during the intervening weeks for constructive comments and better understanding of what makes good images. A few members have shown multiple images using presentation software; others, with special effects and/or filters. Before Christmas, members worked on a personal project, such as a Christmas letter with photos, a Christmas card, or multiple photographs encapsulating highlights of their family’s year. In the past year, we have gone on photo shoots to St. Mary’s Church in Metchosin to see the spring lilies, Kinsmen Gorge Waterway, Playfair Park for the camus, Oak Bay Marina for reflections and University of Victoria for fall foliage.

Dominoes – led by Rikki Bowman, is attracting new members, so has grown from 6 or 8 at our once a month gatherings, to 12 in January – requiring 2 tables! We play Chicken Foot and
Mexican Train – and laugh a lot as our strategizing often is foiled. New members are always

Family History Group – led by Diane Anderson:
We have a regular group size of 10 to 14 participants with a range of research experience from Novice to Very Experienced. The goal is to assist each other in finding ancestors in our
respective family trees. Members share their successes and brickwalls and are aided by the
experience of others, and opportunities for learning. The group is interested in stories of the
past brought about by their relatives living in different periods of history and social mores.
Members often bring in photographs and other memorabilia to show to the group. Additionally, members are provided with announcements of conferences and workshops, links to genealogical websites, and a growing library of literature. In the past year, the group has visited the Saanich Archives; UVic’s McPherson Library, Special Collections and Archives; Metchosin Schoolhouse Museum and the new facilities of the Victoria Genealogical Society. Additionally, Helen Ayers gave a presentation on Paperless Genealogy; Gerry Poulson, Family History on the Net: What you Can Get for Free; and Diane Cowden’s keynote on the life of Elizabeth Fisher, her great grandmother and first teacher in Metchosin.

GHOTH (“Get Him Out Of The House”) Group – led by Dave Docherty
Last year included visits to:
Pender Island (included classic cars and visit to a cidery), Woodwyn Farms, Helicopter
Squadron (Victoria Airport), One tree exhibition at Robert Bateman Gallery, STEHM Microscope lab at UVic, Quester Tangent (Central Saanich), Centre of the Universe (Saanich), Cancer Research Centre (RJH) – All combined with a pub lunch.
GHOTH also hosted the annual Barbecue in August and the Burns Lunch in January, complete with haggis and piper.

MahJong – led by Mary Horton; report by Glenda Kirk.
This group began 2017 with a small but faithful core of 8 players. As the year progressed we
added a few more, so that now we often have enough for three tables. We play classical
Western MahJong and most, but not all, of the players prefer not to count, which speeds up the games considerably. As we increased the number of games in our allotted time (Fridays 1 to 4) we recently took it a step further and currently are playing a CB55+ modified version which enables us to double the number of games we traditionally played in 3 hours. The general consensus is very positive — lots of games (ie chances to win) and a good brain workout with a lively and interesting group of people. Sound interesting? New players and observers are most welcome.

Men’s Fitness – led by Dave Docherty
– Met twice per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) throughout the year.
– Now have 50 men on the list. Attendance is usually between 26 and 36, with coffee and
bonding after.

Poetry Reading – led by Ron Marken, was a new SIG in 2017; it has attracted a dedicated
Our group is just beginning its third semester. We discuss two or three poems at each
gathering, looking “for the light switches” in each work.  We invite you to drop in for a session, to get the feel of the group. We’re especially gentle and helpful if you don’t like poetry at all. We adore you if you actually hate the stuff. All our poetry is flavourful, but it’s 100% calorie-and gluten-free. Attendance fluctuates between 6 and 15. We would like to see more men.

Studio Group – Led by Vivienne Smith
The Studio Group has had a successful year despite, sadly, losing several members. Craft sale
tables at Cordova Bay Days in June, the Ukrainian Centre in November and the Craft and Bake Sale at CB55+ in December raised money for the club and for needy families. Among other items, the Studio Group made many hats and scarves for local families, and baby outfits for newborns in Africa who would otherwise be wrapped in newspaper. We continue to welcome new members and new ideas.

Theatre – Hazel Bowman is becoming discouraged as she tries to arrange outings for us to
enjoy plays in our area at the various theatres. She reports: “Well as far as Theatre outings went it was a bust for 2017. I went to Chemainus to see “Silent Sky” which I enjoyed, but no others came. Also saw Anne of Green Gables” put on by the VOS. I will continue and hope this year will be better.”




Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Intergenerational Activities
Report prepared by: Dave Docherty

This last year CB 55+ has again worked closely with the school in providing opportunities for our members to enjoy interacting with the children and teachers. As most of you know our
intergenerational programs are quite unique in that not too many, if any, seniors’ groups in our area and beyond, have such a physical proximity to a school which allows for easy interaction on both formal and informal bases. This year we had the school choir come and entertain us with some Christmas carols and songs and on Valentine’s Day the centre was suddenly invaded with a class of 2nd graders distributing Valentine cards to our members with amusing and touching notes. Other times our members have been invited into the school to see some of the children’s projects. There is no doubt that being surrounded by such youthful exuberance puts a spring in the step of our members. At our Burns lunch we had the piper once again play his bagpipes around the playground at recess to the joy of the children that enthusiastically followed him around.

On a more formal basis we continued with the Support a Reader program ably coordinated by
Von Bishop and implemented by his many volunteers. This has proven very popular and very
helpful to the teachers in being able to provide one-on-one help to the students. And of course
the iPhoto program, our intergenerational flag ship, was offered again for probably the fifth year.

This year the program was offered once before Christmas and three times after. Brent Carberry, a former principal of Cordova Bay Elementary School, heads up this program that provides students the opportunity to learn about the technical aspects of photography along with storing and modifying their photos on the computer. The results of their work are displayed in the school and are most impressive. Of course Brent needs lots of willing hands from our members to make the program the success it is.

This year under the organizational talents of Ted Dobie we were able to offer Pickle Ball
instruction to over 90 students. This program has proven to be very popular, to such a degree
that , at the request of one of the teachers it will be offered in early April as a lunch hour drop-in activity to all grade 4 and 5 students. Again this would not be possible without many of our pickle-ball playing members jumping in to lend a hand.

This year we were most fortunate to recruit the services of Pat Ball who took on the coordinating of our other intergenerational activities. This involves offering students a choice of different activities that have included games, Lego, preparing simple meals, and crafts, and more recently puppetry which proved very popular. Pat of course has to rely on her band of
volunteers to make it all happen. Each session involves at least four lessons and this year we
have so far done this before and after Christmas.

This year just before Christmas, CB 55+ once again provided the principal of the school with
$1400 in gift cards for a local grocery store which she in turn distributed to families-in-need in the school.

The consistent comment in the feedback from our members who have been involved with any of the IG programs is that they believe they enjoy the experience as much as the children and get as much or more out of it. So if you have not yet worked with the children in the school you are really missing out on a great opportunity that we are so fortunate to be able to provide. The children really are a delight, with full credit to Kelly Uraii, principal, and her fantastic staff.

And finally a huge thanks to the leaders who organize all these IG activities and of course the
volunteers who work so hard to make it all successful. We continue to explore more ways in
which we can work with the school so if you have ideas or wish to be involved please let me


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Facility Security & Maintenance
Report prepared by: Mike Mooney

I would like to thank all those who have been involved with the issues dealt with over the past year, namely; SD 63 Facilities maintenance, school custodians, Cordova Bay Elementary Staff & Administration, CB55+ members and the board of directors. Your concerns, support and patience are very much appreciated.

The following items were completed or are ongoing since the 2017 AGM;
1. The thermostats in the Courtyard & Seaside rooms are still unable to automatically turn back on after 2 hrs. of being manually turned off. Occasionally they are ‘off’ during evenings and weekends and when turned ‘on’ only stay on for 2 minutes. This continues to be an ongoing issue, taking up much of the SD63 HVAC technician’s time.

2. My discussions with SD63, the school principal and the school’s PAC representative
regarding CB55+ sharing (and adding to) their post-disaster emergency supplies & using
their outdoor container were unsuccessful. SD63 indicated that we need to buy our own
supplies & container. I did up cost estimates based on several options. This was presented
and discussed at the Apr. 2017 board meeting and it was decided to turn this matter over to
the Governance Committee for further discussion with Saanich and SD63.

3. I was asked to look into replacing the four wing back chairs in the lounge. I got prices to
reupholster them, replace them and also to deep clean them. We decided to clean them
and we feel they look acceptable for the time being.

4. The kitchen refrigerator had to be replaced as the old one was leaking onto the floor on
several occasions. The problem continued after 2 service calls, so buying a new fridge was

5. The audio system in the Big Room became problematic in September and we have had
Pacific Audio Works in twice to work on it. The last visit involved installing a new audio wall
switch and readjusting all input settings & sound levels for the 2 rooms. We also asked that
these settings be programmed into the equipment and documented for our files. We are still
waiting for the documentation to appear.

6. The sediment trap under the Studio sink was looked at by the SD63 plumber to confirm that it was adequate for the Art group to wash off hands and tools used for doing clay modeling.  He confirmed that the trap is fine for that use. He cleaned it out and replaced the cover gasket which was worn out.

7. Our 8 oz. flat bottomed paper cups will run out soon and we are not ordering in more.
Instead we will be using 4 oz. paper cone cups. (Cost: 1 larger cup = 5 smaller cups)

8. The shuffleboard in the big room, used as a serving table, was falling apart and it has now
been rebuilt.

9. I had to deal with an issue of an outside group expecting to use our kitchen for an event at
the last minute. This issue has been handed over to the Governance Committee, who will
review our policies on kitchen use as it pertains to outside groups and make

10. The dishwasher needed repair. The main circuit board needed replacing



Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Office
Report prepared by: Andrea Lindsay

I have had the privilege once again to be the Office Coordinator for the 2017-18 year. It has
been a delight to work with the incredible group of women who volunteer to keep the office
running as smoothly as it does. These individuals take great pleasure and pride in their work
and it shows in their happy smiles and unfailing ability to help in so many different ways. My
deepest gratitude to the following great team:

Doreen Thom; Maura Dunn; Pauline Skinner; Sherrin Horsburg; Rikki Bowman; Judy Burgoyne; Brenda Hurd; Velma Minckler and Mary Horton.

Our year has once again been a very busy one. New member and re registration of members
take up a great deal of our time during the year but especially from December until February.
We also deal with most of the ticket sales, course registration and collection of fees along with usual office activities — production of forms; record keeping, booking of rooms and scheduling, file keeping and inventory.

This year we purchased a small safe to house any money that is collected during the day, both
for the office and the Café.

We are constantly working on upgrading procedures and equipment to make things more
streamline for both the members and the volunteers.

We offer a huge vote of thanks to Mike Mooney, Chris Carter and our IT guru, Von Bishop, for always being there when we need advice







Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Membership
Report prepared by: Velma Minckler

Membership List
The membership list was maintained in Excel and updated weekly, or as required. Copies of
the list were printed and provided to those who needed up-to-date membership information for the successful completion of their tasks, and to the Board members.

Income Reports
An Income Report was generated from each update, a total of 35 in all. This year a change was introduced to our procedures, making it possible for members to write a single cheque for membership fees and any other payment they wished to make.  Membership payments for the year total $22,440.

Application Forms
The Membership Application Form was reviewed and revised this year to better serve our

New Member Packages
150 New Member packages were created this year. The packages contain
– Welcome letter from the Membership Coordinator (revised this year)
– Letter from the Volunteer Coordinator
– Membership Application Form (revised this year)
– Current copy of the Blue Heron News
– 3 page information handout detailing our groups/activities

Office volunteers made 111 phone calls in the spring, to remind 2016 members that they had
not yet renewed their membership for 2017. This was in addition to the announcements in the
Blue Heron News and informational emails.

Membership Non Renewals
A review of the 105 memberships from 2016 not renewed for 2017 revealed that 51 of those
members had only joined the Association in 2016, and 28 had joined in 2015, so 79 of 105 had been members for only a year more or less.

Name Tags
A total of 50 name tags were sold to members this year.

Membership Instructions Manual
The Instruction manual is in the process of being reviewed and up-dated.

Emergency Contacts
An effort to bring members’ emergency contacts up to date is underway.

Totals At Year End
Total Members 635
Paid Members 603
Golden Members 28
L.I.F.E. Members 4
Note: Included in the 635 total are 147 new members.




Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Kitchen
Report prepared by: Helen Maxwell

2017 was another very busy year in the kitchen of the Cordova Bay 55+ Association. The
wonderful support of our members at regular events and special occasions make the role of the CB55+ kitchen coordinator an enjoyable one. In the two and a half years that I have
coordinated and managed the kitchen activities it has been a joy to see how CB 55+ members
support most of the kitchen activities. Thank you to all of our wonderful CB55+ members who assisted with extra home baking, special luncheons, and as supporters of our current level of service.

A core group of volunteers were there each morning and for the Wednesday lunches and I am
thrilled to report that they are back for 2018.

Thank you to all of the weekday morning kitchen volunteers:
Val Coulter, Angie Doherty, Pauline East, Shirley Metters ,Velma Minckler, Orma Paton,
Bev Skillings and Christine Smith.

Another team came in to help with luncheons on Wednesdays, these volunteers were:
Shannon Baylis, Val Coulter, Angie Doherty, Annie Huus, Bev Skillings and Christine

Another strong supporter in the kitchen was Sherrin Horsburgh.

Also special thanks to Sue Williams for her coordination of the Wednesday lunches.

The kitchen volunteers also assisted with other social events at the Centre and beyond!
In 2017 these included:
the Robbie Burns luncheon with Dave Doherty at the helm, the Rhodo rhapsody at Don
and Bobbie Johannessen’s lovely home and garden, Mother’s Day luncheon at Stelly’s,
and the Garden Party at Connie McKenzie’s in late June. In the summer there were two
main events at the Centre – Pancakes & Waffles in July and the Men’s Barbecue in
August. In September we welcomed everyone back with Bob Crosby’s presentation on
New Zealand followed by servings of Pavlova (NZ’s national dessert!). On December 5
we had a delicious luncheon at the Beach House masterminded by Barb Waldner and
her committee.

My thanks to everyone who helped make these events so successful. They provided extra
enjoyment for many of our members.

In addition to the previously mentioned events, my role as Kitchen Coordinator also includes the ordering and purchasing of most supplies required for the smooth running of our kitchen
facilities. In 2017 the focus was on upgrading some of the saucepans and the electric mixer.

Thank you to all CB55+ members who have supported the kitchen in so many ways throughout 2017.





Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Volunteers
Report prepared by: Doris Brix

I am, as always, impressed with all the volunteering that is the essence of how CB55+ operates on such a high level.

I have had very few requests for help and when there is a need there are always members who
step up to help out.

There are far too many of you to name, but the most heartfelt appreciation from me and all the people that benefit from the many hours you put in.

It’s quite amazing.







Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Outreach Meal Program
Report prepared by: Sue Williams

Because life can “throw you a curve ball” the CB55+ Association has an Outreach Meal
Program for members that are “under the weather” or who need temporary help with meals. Meals can be picked up at the Centre or delivered.

We can also provide a list of companies that provide meals for a longer term. Call the office
(250 658-5558) if you know of someone who could participate in our program.

This is designed to complement, not replace, other CB55+ meal programs.




Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Information Technology (IT)
Report prepared by: Von Bishop

In the fall of 2016 and into 2017 we upgraded our computers, installed new printers, and
improved our wifi capabilities. The rest of 2017 was spent sorting out issues with our email
program, routine maintenance and performing upgrades on our computers and software.

The email issue occupied two or three months before we managed to resolve having our
contacts disappear at random from the program. Fortunately things seem to be stabilized now.

Our current level of computers and peripherals seems to be suitable for the membership use,
and we will continue to monitor demand.







Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 20, 2018

Committee or Area of Interest: Governance
Report prepared by: Dave Docherty

Committee: David Docherty (Chair), Louise Parton, Chris Carter, Stew Arnold, and Sue Melrose.

There is little doubt that we have a successful and flourishing organization that runs very
smoothly thanks to the many people who volunteer their time and talents. So it is tempting to
leave “well enough alone”. However, the organization continues to grow and there is an onus on the Board to accommodate the growth and ensure things are still working well. In addition, the Board believes that we should always strive to do things better. With this in mind, the Governance Committee met many times since the 2017 AGM to review the infrastructure of the association with particular reference to the flow of communication. The Committee paid special attention to the relationship between the Board and the many, many activities that occur in CB55+ and are required to have it function in a clear and efficient manner. This proved more challenging than initially envisaged. The goal is to have a Board member (who we plan on calling a Board liaison director) connected to all the programs and services that CB 55+ offer.  They will be responsible for knowing what is going on in a specific area but not necessarily delivering the activities. It will also show a clear pathway for members to connect to the Board if they have specific things that need to be addressed. Eventually this structure will be posted in the Centre, as well as on the website, along with the names of the Board members.

Once the infrastructure was established it was necessary to identify the positions or jobs
needed to run all the programs and activities and then refine or establish the job descriptions for each of the roles. We have tried to come up with generic descriptions where possible. This has taken a lot of time but is close to being completed. Again the goal is to be able to assign names each year to the specific positions so members interested in the different activities know who to contact.

We are now undertaking a review of the Bylaws as well as the Policies and Procedures for all
the activities needed to run the association efficiently and smoothly. We have most of these in
place and most only need tweaking. We will be looking carefully for consistency as well as
comprehensiveness. At the time of writing the recommendations for the above still need to be
brought to the Board for approval. We certainly hope to have brought this to the Board for
approval prior to the 2018 AGM.




Cordova Bay 55+ Association

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