Willing Hands

All the wonderful things that happen at CB55+ don’t just “happen.” They are carried out by volunteers.  Thanks to all the  volunteers who have helped with the success of the events throughout the year.




I now have the new membership list and am in the process of revising the list of people to be phoned and am searching for new phoners.  If there are members out there who like to help me out I would be very grateful.  It would entail phoning members who don’t have e-mail to let them know about events that are not posted in the Blue Heron News.  Most of the phoners before had four or five people to call but I would be happy with whatever you would be comfortable with.  Please let me know if you are willing to take this on.  It’s important to keep these members up to date with our associations information.



Office Volunteers: 

As Office Coordinator I would like to deeply thank all the dedicated office volunteers for their hours of work to help keep Cordova Bay 55+ runing as smoothly as it does.  Some of these wonderful people have been working in the office for upwards of eight years and rre ready to cut back on their commitment.  I am therefore looking for some more volunteers to help ease their load.


I invite those who would be interested in committing to a half day shift at least twice a month and who have office and computer skills to contact me either through the office at cb55@shawbiz.ca or drea@shaw.ca .

Andrea Lindsay



We are so grateful for the wonderful response we have had from volunteers in the past.  It’s what makes CB55+ a great place to spend time.  We are really fortunate to have all those willing hands and we are looking forward to many more stepping forward to help in the future.  We are always open to any suggestions that you feel would help us do a better job. Remember many hands make light work.



Cordova Bay 55+ Association

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association respectfully acknowledges that we are on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen and WSANEC Nations

Help In Fundraising
Donations can be made by cheque and dropped off or mailed to:

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
#1-5238 Cordova Bay Road,
Victoria, BC, V8Y 2L2
Telephone: 250-658-5558
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