Our lively in-house choir, the Blue Heron Singers!

Choir Leader: Nancy Dobbs   Pianist: Aletha Kochuk  

With song and laughter, we celebrate the joys of being together, listening to one another, and singing. We learn from each other in a welcoming, casual and open-hearted atmosphere. There are many skill levels in the choir and we welcome anyone who wants to sing. There are no auditions and reading music is not required.  Music is provided. Choir membership fees are low.

We sing from our extensive repertoire in four-part harmony and sometimes in unison as well.  If you haven’t sung in a choir before, and you don’t know where your vocal comfort level is, we can help you find your section. Though we do not perform for the wider community, we enjoy singing on special occasions for our fellow 55+ members.



Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:00 pm, with a summer hiatus.


Multi-purpose Room


Margot Gurney

Pat Carfra

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