Cordova Bay 55 Plus originally sprang from the collaboration of our Founding Members, Inez Cole, Gwen MacPherson, Daphne Chazottes, Rich McMorran and Jack Willoughby – the Fab Five. After identifying the need to start a seniors’ centre in the heart of Cordova Bay they worked very hard to bring it into fruition.

The scope of this project was incredible. They initiated seniors’ programs that took place in the local community in places like St. David’s Church, McMorran’s (now the Beach House) and individual homes, including drop-in social meetings. They solicited interest from seniors living in the area. They searched the Cordova Bay area for a suitable site to build or share a centre. They lobbied government at various levels, especially the District of Saanich. They raised funds from various sources.

They helped develop plans for the CB55+ space in the elementary school. They created the CB55+ Association and served on the Board of Directors. They brought in younger seniors to ensure the survival of the organization in the future. They acted as drivers for the On-the-Go-Again program they had inspired. And the list goes on and on…….

The grand opening of the original centre in the Cordova Bay Elementary school took place in April, 2006 and the addition was completed in 2009. What a thrill that must have been to see all their hard work rewarded! They were all involved in the continuation of the association for as long as they were able and we still rely on Gwen’s and Jack’s contributions and sage advice today.

Our ‘Fab Five’ Founders