Most of you may know we apply each year for grants from the Thrifty Smile Card program.  Once again we have received funding to a total of $2500 which will go towards upgrading our sound system to comply with some new regulations on broadcasting bands.
We have cards in the office that you can pick up so that your purchases at Thrifty’s will contribute to the money they are willing to provide.  Briefly the way the program works is that you put money on the card at Thrifty’s in amounts of your choice.  For every $100 our members spend using their Thrifty’s Smile Card the Association receives $5.00 towards the amount that has been granted.  It is a really good way to raise funds as well as support Thrifty’s who contribute so much to various community groups.  If you shop at Thrifty’s please consider picking up a Smile Card from the CB 55+ Office and support your Association.  We record the number of the card you are assigned in case it is lost and needs to be canceled.
Thanks for your support.
David (Docherty),
Past President.
Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Help In Fundraising
Donations can be made by cheque and dropped off or mailed to:

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
#1-5238 Cordova Bay Road,
Victoria, BC, V8Y 2L2
Telephone: 250-658-5558
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