Cordova Bay 55 Plus

Hobbies and Collectables Fair

Many of the students and staff of Cordova Bay School and members of CB 55+  displayed a wide array of their treasures on Friday, April 15th in the school gymnasium.  The Hobbies and Collectable Fair was well attended by parents, grand parents and many of our members.  Val Murray and school principal Brent Carbery are to be thanked for taking the concept suggested by students (inspired after attending the CB 55 show in the fall) and helping them make it a reality.  Of course there were many helping hands to make it such a success.

The morning was abuzz with the sharing of wisdom and experience from students and seniors, while chatting about their common interests – everything from bones and stones to toys and decoys .  This was a wonderful example of an intergenerational experience where participants from 5 to 85 were involved.  Our Steve Woloshyn even demonstrated his expertise with the harmonica.  A’Channel TV,  reporters from Saanich News and the Times Colonist (for future articles) were there to record this memorable event, which is sure to become a treasured memory.

Annual General Meeting (update)

The Annual General Meeting of CB55+ Association was held on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at CB Place.

An appreciation cake for our many volunteers was served at coffee time.

Appropriate to the occasion of an AGM, the meeting started with a photographic presentation titled “CB55 Plus – Memories of the Year 2010”, which was a graphic summary of the many events that had taken place throughout the year and the accomplishments of our hard working members.

The President’s address outlined the Mission and Vision Statements, reviewed the Shared Values for the group and thanked the departing board members.  Then there were the reports of the Standing Committees (Programs, Services, Governance) and that of the Treasurer.

As there were no nominations from the floor the slate of directors was acclaimed.

Our new President, Rich McMorran, gave the closing comments.  His goal is, “To see as many happy faces as possible come through the doors at CB 55+”.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of CB55+ Association will be held on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at CB Place.

All members are encouraged to attend.  You must be a paid-up member to vote at the AGM, so renew you membership now!

Thanks to Diane Cowden, there will be a photographic presentation of CB55+ events that took place during 2010.

Drop-In Tuesday March 8, 2011

On Tuesday March 8th, International Women’s Day,  Jill Leslie from the organization ‘Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan’ gave us an informative and timely presentation on the role Canadian women are playing in securing human rights for Afghan women and girls.

Spring Dinner and Show Cancelled

Unfortunately the Spring Dinner and Show, which was to be held May 14th, has been cancelled due to a lack of interest.

Cordova Bay 55+ Association

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