Intergenerational Programs
(Seniors and Students Enjoying Activities of Mutual Interest)

 The Intergenerational Program provides opportunities for CB55+ members and the school students to participate in activities of mutual interest.


Friday Intergenerational Activities

For four weeks in November and December fifteen volunteers spent time playing with students (grades 2 – 5) from the school.  Forty-four students participated in activities which included lego, board and card games and cooking.  Our young chefs made some Christmas cookies which they served to the volunteers on the last Friday before Christmas.  We look forward to another four-week session after spring break, and would like to welcome new volunteers to our fun-filled Fridays.  We’re hoping to get a knitting group started, so you knitters – please think about joining us.


Support a Reader

We’ve started our third year of this very successful intergenerational program. At the moment we have 8 classes involved, with 16 full time volunteers and 7 fill in people.

We can always use more volunteers, so if you are interested in listening to a child read for half an hour once a week, helping and supporting them as needed, please contact Von Bishop for more information at or 250-477-6206.



 Intergenerational Math Club
We are still looking for more volunteers for Math Club, particularly to act as spares.  If you live reasonably close to the school and are an early riser, please consider volunteering.  We meet in the school library from 8:00 am. to 8:35 am. to play math-oriented games with students.  These games are good for the ‘senior brain’ as well! 
Please contact Sue Jergens at or 250-479-2226 for further information.





IG Photography, coordinated by Brent Carberry. 

Please contact Brent at or 250-893-5879 if you are interested in helping or would like more information.



Pickleball for Cordova Bay Elementary Students–  For several years , as part of the CB55+ Intergenerational Program, our Pickleball Group has conducted Beginner Pickleball lessons for the Grade 4 and 5 students of Cordova Bay School. These lessons have been wildly popular with the kids.  Once a week over a four week period we teach the kids basic Pickleball skills and rules and provide them with an opportunity to practice these skills through drills and mini -games. 

On January 24th, seven volunteers from the Pickleball Group held the first of four Pickleball sessions with approximately 105 Grade 4 and 5 students.  In the first two weeks, the students will go through a number of basic drills that will give them the skills needed to play full games in the final two weeks of the Program. 


Ted Dobie



Please help support our intergenerational programs by volunteering to help.  It is not a lot of time and you will reap many rewards and find the children delightful and grateful. 


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
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