Intergenerational Programs
(Seniors and Students Enjoying Activities of Mutual Interest)

 The Intergenerational Program provides opportunities for CB55+ members and the school students to participate in activities of mutual interest.


Friday Activities

Do you like kids?  Are you missing the grandchildren and would you like to have some fun?  Well we have a solution! We are pleased to let you know that a new session of the intergenerational activities is about to begin and we need more volunteers.  This program gives members an opportunity to spend time with small groups of children from the school as they enjoy their Friday recess time with us.  The winter session will run for three weeks: November 30th, December 7th, and December 14th, from 11:15 am. until 11:50 am.  The Cordova Bay parents and staff have enthusiastically endorsed the IG program and the children are excited to begin another round of activities.  The activities included this winter will be cooking, lego, and cards/ board games.  We hope that members not previously involved in IG activities will be interested in volunteering for this fun-filled program.  Please contact Pat Ball ( if you would like to participate now or in the future.  We are hoping to expand the program in the spring and will be looking for crafters (especially knitters), and chess players to join us at that time.  Or if you  have another activity in mind to share with the children, please let us know. We welcome all new suggestions.



Support a Reader

We’ve started our third year of this very successful intergenerational program. At the moment we have 8 classes involved, with 16 full time volunteers and 7 fill in people.

We can always use more volunteers, so if you are interested in listening to a child read for half an hour once a week, helping and supporting them as needed, please contact Von Bishop for more information at or 250-477-6206.



 Intergenerational Math Support Program
We are  looking for early risers who would love to play math games with children!   We are looking for additional volunteers who would be willing to assist students in the Math Club to be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 to 8:30 am.   Volunteers can step up for one or more days per week or as a spare when needed. 
The group will consist of a small group of students who are struggling a little with math along with a few whiz kids.  They will all be developing their math skills further through play.  I’ve looked at some of the games and they look like a lot of fun! 
We will be supported by an Educational Assistant which will make things easier for our volunteers.  This also means that we won’t require a Criminal Records Check immediately as we will be supervised by the Educational Assistant at all times.  (We would ask that all our volunteers eventually apply for the Criminal Records Check.)
The exact start date is still to be determined but it will likely be in early November.  
If you would like to participate in the program but aren’t sure what you would be getting into, we could likely arrange for you to come to a session on an individual basis to support our volunteers.
Please contact Sue Jergens at or 250-479-2226 for further information.





IG Photography, coordinated by Brent Carberry. 

Please contact Brent at or 250-893-5879 if you are interested in helping or would like more information.



Pickleball for Cordova Bay Elementary Students –  For several years , as part of the CB55 Intergenerational Program, our Pickleball Group has conducted Beginner Pickleball lessons for the Grade 4 and 5 students of Cordova Bay School. These lessons have been wildly popular with the kids. Once a week over a four week period we teach the kids basic Pickleball skills and rules and provide them with an opportunity to practice these skills through drills and mini -games. 

We have been asked to provide these sessions again this year. The Principal and the Teachers have identified the following dates : Thursday, January 24 and 31; and Thursday February 7 and 14. Each date would see all four Grade 4/5 classes being run back- to- back in 25 minute sessions, starting at 08:45 AM and ending at 11:15 AM. These sessions are being held in the School Gym. Volunteers would be asked to show up at approximately 8:20 AM to help with setting up the nets and other equipment. We have used a training outline for each of the four days which I will share with those who volunteer. Basically, volunteers would assist with basic skills development by demonstrating proper techniques for holding the racket, serving, return of serve, rallying, and supervising mini- games. A key competency of a volunteer is the ability to dodge balls as sometimes they are flying all over the gym!

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please reply to me by December 28th.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

If the last few years are representative,  volunteering has been a lot of fun, especially watching the kids getting better over the course of the four weeks and enjoying a sport that we all enjoy ourselves.

Ted Dobie


Please help support our intergenerational programs by volunteering to help.  It is not a lot of time and you will reap many rewards and find the children delightful and grateful. 


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