Mah Jong




Mah Jong lessons were offered in the fall, but unfortunately couldn’t begin until April.  Because there was keen interest in learning and disappointment about the schedule delay, those interested were invited to come along and watch, ask questions, and learn. Within one session all newcomers we’re playing. ….. and winning!  We are so pleased to welcome 12 “newbies”.  They are a welcome addition, doubling our membership, asking excellent questions, “pushing the envelope”, and keeping all of us “on our toes’.

If you are interested in learning to play the CB55 + simplified version of Mahjong, please join us for an introductory session. We meet Fridays from 12:45 to 3:45 pm. in the Studio.



NOTE:  In view of our increased membership we are in need of more game sets of tiles and/or racks. If anyone has a mahjong set they have no further use for, we would be most grateful if you were to donate it to the CB55+ Centre. (250-658-5558).


If there are further questions, please contact  Glenda Kirk at


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