AGM Information

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
Annual General Meeting
March 21st, 2017


9:30 a.m.  Coffee
10:00 a.m. Welcome
10:15 a.m.  Annual General Meeting

1. Approval of agenda

2. Approval of AGM Minutes, March 22nd, 2016

3. President’s report: David Docherty

4. Treasurer’s report: Chris Carter/Fred Cornborough

5. Standing Committee reports
a. Programs: Rikki Bowman
b. Services: Mike Mooney
c. Governance: Louise Parton

6. Election of Board of Directors: Mick Phillips

  • Proposed slate of officers
  • Call for nominations from the floor 
  • Election of officers if necessary (registered members only)

7. Closing comments: David Docherty

8. Motion to adjourn

11:30 a.m. Lunch





March 22nd, 2016

Meeting called to order at 10:45 am by the President, Dave Docherty.

The President reported that the Agenda, the Treasurer’s report and the minutes of the March 25th, 2104 Special meeting and AGM have been circulated by email to members and printed copies have been available at the centre for members to review along with all the Committee reports

1. Agenda:
Motion: to approve the agenda as circulated (Tom Wood/ Jack McDonald) CARRIED

2. Approval of the Minutes of March 24th 2015.
Motion: to approve the minutes of the Special meeting of March 24th. 2015 (Dave Docherty/Orv Coulter) CARRIED

Motion: to approve the minutes of the AGM of March 24th. 2015 (Dave Docherty/Dave Horsburgh) CARRIED


3. President’s Report.

The President referred the meeting to his detailed quarterly reports in the Blue Heron News and the Website but felt it appropriate to mention a few items specifically.

We like to think of the Centre as a place where people feel welcome and can always come and meet someone with whom to socialize and interact. However, the lifeblood of the Centre and what makes CB 55+ such a vibrant place is the range of activities that are offered, including courses, special interest groups, and special events We owe a great debt of gratitude to Pat Bancroft for all the work she has done in the last 3 years in organizing courses and events. The President thanked Pat Bancroft for her outstanding service in initiating and managing courses. As Pat Bancroft is relinquishing this role, members were encouraged to consider undertaking this responsibility. Pat Bancroft has generously offered to be available for advice and assistance.

Brenda deRoos and Diane Cowden are leaving the Board and their long and valuable service has been much appreciated.

Although it is always a bit dangerous to single out individuals when so many do so much for CB 55+, the President did want to make special mention of a few members who have been volunteering at the Centre since the early days of its formation and are still contributing in significant ways: in particular the President wanted to note the long and ongoing contributions of Rich McMorran, Gwen MacPherson, Bobbie Johannessen, Michael Phillips, Jack Willoughby, and Val Baba. 

It was noted at the last AGM that we were planning a Strategic Planning meeting in November. The President was happy to report that this was done and proved very successful. A number of key projects were identified that will continue the successful evolution of the Centre. Subcommittees of the Board have been formed to manage three immediate projects: office systems computerization; space requirements; and outreach.
Motion: to accept the President’s report (Dave Docherty/Dave Horsburgh) CARRIED

04 Accounting System 2016 Final

05 Audit Report

4. Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer took the opportunity on behalf of the membership to thank the President for his outstanding and varied service. He also thanked Brenda deRoos for helping with the Treasurer’s role and generally for her advice in the detailed management of the responsibilities.

He presented the financial statement for the year ended December 31st. 2015, a copy of which is attached, highlighting the following:

· Membership has increased from 499 members registered at December 31st, 2014 to 566 registered at December 31st, 2015, an increase of 15%.
· Income from memberships was $20,580
· The net surplus from activities was $7,104, an increase of 80% over 2014 mainly due to participation in computer courses and exercise programs.
· With expenses being slightly lower than the previous year the surplus for the year was $20,494 resulting in total equity of $184,237.
· TV monitors and a stove totalling $7,779 were purchased using the capital fund.
· Cash and investments totalled $177,588.

While the annual and accumulated surpluses are greater than might be expected for a not-forprofit organization of this size, the Board feels that the present growth rate of over 10% p.a. warrants continuation of the existing financial arrangements in order to accommodate the possibility that paid administrative staff and additional building space may be required.

The auditor’s report that is attached expresses satisfaction with these financial statements.
Motion: to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented. (Chris Carter/Mike Mooney) CARRIED

5. Appointment of Auditor

Fred Cornborough complimented the office volunteers and Treasurer for the quality of record keeping supporting the financial statements.
Motion: to appoint Fred Cornborough as auditor for 2016. (Chris Carter/ Louise Parton) CARRIED

6. Standing Committee Reports

a. Programs Rikki Bowman read the attached programs report
Motion: to accept the programs report as presented. (Rikki Bowman/ Barb Waldner) CARRIED

b. Services Von Bishop read the attached services report
Motion: to accept the services report as presented. (Von Bishop/ Dave Horsburgh) CARRIED

c. Governance Louise Parton read the attached governance report
Motion: to accept the governance report as presented. (Louise Parton/ Lynne Johnson) CARRIED

7. Election of Directors and Officers

Rand Harrison, chair of Nominating committee, presented the slate for election.

Continuing ‘ex officio’ as Past President
Rich McMorran

Continuing (term expires 2017 AGM)
Dave Docherty-President
Louise Parton- Vice President
Doris Brix- Director
Mike Mooney- Director
Sue Williams-Director

Standing for Re-election to a 2 year term (expires 2018 AGM)
Chris Carter-Treasurer
Tom Wood-Director
Velma Minckler-Director
Andrea Lindsay-Director
Rikki Bowman-Director
Helen Maxwell-Director

Standing for election to a 2 year term (expires 2018 AGM)
Von Bishop-Director
Stewart Arnold-Director

The position of Secretary is vacant.

A call for nominations from the floor was made and since there were none it was moved that the nomination report be accepted as presented.
Motion: to declare the slate of the officers and directors elected as presented. (Rand Harrison/Helen Gunter-Smith)CARRIED

8. Closing remarks The President introduced the Board members and briefly commented on their role in the running of the organization. He also thanked them for all their efforts in the last year and complimented them on the quality of their contributions and willingness to help. He closed by thanking the members for attending and invited them to stay for lunch and enjoy good fellowship.

9. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn: (Louise Parton/Chris Carter) CARRIED



Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017
Committee or Area of Interest: President’s Report
Report prepared by: Dave Docherty

Another year gone and lots to look back on. The Centre has been a busy place with lots of old and new activities taking place. I trust you have been able to find something that appeals to you and provides you with a great deal of satisfaction. It still amazes me, and many who visit the Centre, on how much is offered to our members thanks to the initiative and creativity of many members. We are now offering more trips to local places of interest as well as some new Special Interest Groups that are obviously appealing to many of our members. It may be my perception, or hope, but I also think more members are using the Centre to drop in and meet up with friends rather than just come to special groups or courses. The Wednesday lunch program seems to be fulfilling the opportunity for those who wish to come and enjoy some great food and companionship. So my usual huge thanks to all the volunteers who may these things happen up front and behind the scenes. I am not sure everyone realizes how much work it takes to run a place such as the CB 55+ because much of it is not obvious and the people who do it just get on and do it quietly and efficiently. I am reluctant to mention names for fear of forgetting someone but it would take most of this report if I listed them as there are so many who do so much for this organization. We actually intended to find a way of recognizing the volunteers but gave up on it as the list was just too long and we could not think of a way of doing it!

I mentioned in the last annual report that we have been working on several recommendations that arose from the Strategic Planning Meeting in 2105. We have studied the growth of CB 55+ over the past several years and noted membership was increasing annually at about 10%. However, based on the last two years it looks like, for the time being, our growth has stabilized. Last year membership topped out at 628 and it looks like we are on the same trajectory this year. We did set up an Ad Hoc Committee to look at our current and future space needs. This was a very comprehensive report that concluded, at this moment, we are coping with the demand. We are also cognizant of the proposed residential building proposals in Cordova Bay and the impact they may have on CB 55+. If membership does increase we will need to find more space to accommodate the programs we would need to offer. Our first response would be to look for facilities in the local area that we could access before any decision to try and build onto our existing structure. However, it is also possible we could partner with other groups to explore how we can work together in regard to the need for facilities and space in the Cordova Bay Community.

Another recommendation related to the Strategic Planning meeting involved the upgrading of our Technical Services, especially in the office. We have been working very hard in this regard and now appointed a Technology Coordinator, Von Bishop, to address our ongoing needs in regard to technology. You will have noticed the old desk computers in the lounge have been replaced by newer lap tops that provide much more flexibility for the various user groups. Another initiative in response to one of the recommendations related to meeting the needs of our members undergoing some form of short term adversity. Thanks to the input of some key people and groups this service now seems to be working well.

At the time of writing the last report I noted the formation of the Cordova Bay Leadership Awards Program and that we would nominate someone from CB 55+. As most of you know the inaugural Individual Leadership Award went to our very own Rich McMorran which was most deserved. The CB 55+ Association was nominated and received the inaugural Group Award of which we were both pleased and proud. So the efforts and contributions of CB 55+ are recognized and appreciated in the Community.

I am now completing the second year of my second term as President and in accordance with our Bylaws will be stepping down from this position. It really has been a privilege and pleasure to serve as your President for the past four years and it has been a most satisfying and enjoyable experience. When taking on the role my goal was to at least keep things as good as they were and not drop the ball that others before me had carried so well and effectively in building such a vibrant organization. So I hope I have at least done this. I would be remiss in not recognizing the contributions made by one of my predecessors, Rich McMorran. Rich was my mentor and counsel and could always be relied upon to provide great insight into the “soul” of CB 55+ and make sure we retained the values he and the other charter members established. We continue to miss his presence but everyday are reminded of the legacy he and others have left behind.

And finally my appreciation to all the Board members for the past four years. I have noted before that I have served on several Boards and this is one of the hardest working Boards with which I have been associated. They are all committed to making CB 55+ the best it can be and, although we don’t always get it right, there is no question about their commitment and intent. We, as an Association, have been fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people working on your behalf. And of course my thanks to you, the members, who support what is offered and make CB 55+ such a great place. I know we will continue to be well served and the Association will continue to flourish.




Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

06 CB55+ Reports to AGM Mar 2017- Programs etc



Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Intergenerational Activities
Report prepared by: Diane Cowden


The purpose is to create opportunities for intergenerational engagement and mutual understanding.

Participants are students and staff of Cordova Bay Elementary School and volunteers from Cordova Bay 55+ Association. Students over the school year gave up their recess time to participate. A BIG thank you goes to the coordinators and their volunteers, who gave their precious time and energy to the program.

The Intergenerational Activities were very well received by all participants. The school staff on many occasions have expressed their appreciation of the project. It is all worthwhile when you hear one of the younger students announcing, “I LOVE this place”.

The program includes the activities of cooking, drama, Lego, established over the past few years. New this year are mini photography, and card or board games. Support a Reader, coordinated by Von Bishop, is a highly successful program added in the fall of 2016. CB 55 volunteers are partnered to read with students who the teachers feel could benefit from the program. Pickle Ball is coordinated by Ted Dobie. This popular clinic was added in the spring of 2017. These clinics are for grades 4-5 in their PE time. Volunteers are members of the Pickle Ball Group.

IG Photography, coordinated by Brent Carberry, for grades 4 and 5 will be resumed in the 2017/2018 school year. Mini photography and IG Photography will be held on alternate years.

We have been asked to consider including chess as an activity. Any volunteers?


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Facility Security & Maintenance
Report prepared by: Mike Mooney

I would like to thank all those who have been involved in any way with the things we have dealt with over the past year, namely; SD 63 Facilities maintenance and custodial personnel, Cordova Bay Elementary Staff & Administration, CB55+ members and the board of directors. Your concerns, support and patience are very much appreciated.

The following items were completed or are ongoing since the 2016 AGM;

1. All the thermostats in the centre have now been either re-programmed or replaced to allow us to manually turn them off for 2 hours at which time they will automatically turn back on to the set temperature. This is a great feature that allows us to turn the HVAC system off if it gets too hot, cold or drafty.

2. The electrical outlets in the Studio were identified and labelled to prevent circuit breakers tripping due to accidentally plugging things like kettles into the same circuit as the freezers. This was a problem in the past because nobody knew if plugs were on the same circuit as the freezers or not, so labelling the outlets should help prevent this from happening in the future.

3. Another square glass top table was added to the courtyard last June. It would be nice to see the outdoor sitting area used more in the nice weather.

4. Our grease interceptor from the kitchen sink was pumped out in August, two years since we first had it pumped out. The thickness of grease over the two year period was within the CRD guidelines for that size of tank, so we will keep on a two year pump out schedule in the future.

5. A demo was given to S.I.G. leaders on how to set up and take down the moveable partition wall in the Big Room and most people seem to be fine in doing this task now.

6. Thanks to the hard work of the studio group, there was a lot more storage space made available in the Studio for other groups to use. It is nice to see more activities going on in this room.

7. The reconfiguration of the office furniture is now complete and it appears much more welcoming to members approaching the office and the new layout seems to be working well for the office volunteers.

8. I contacted SD63 regarding when it might be possible to have some of our walls patched where needed and repainted. Because the school district is short on painting staff this will most likely not be done until the next scheduled painting of Cordova Bay Elementary school. This could be a year or more away and the painter has told me that he will contact me when that time comes to go over the scope of work required and provide us with a quote if there is to be any cost to CB55+.

9. The school district contacted me in the fall to ask what CB55+ had in the way of an Earthquake plan and emergency supplies. The school not only has a comprehensive Earthquake Plan in place, it also has a full compliment of emergency rescue, medical, sanitation, food & water supplies in their outdoor storage container. They have indicated that CB55+ members, or anyone else occupying the centre at the time of a disaster would come under the services provided by their Plan including response from their rescue & first aid teams. We are currently looking at different options to enhance their Earthquake Plan to better serve those using the centre, especially in times when the school is not open which could cause quite a delay in response time and access to the emergency supplies.

10. We are presently looking at the possibility of having some of the ceiling lights closest to the projector screen in the Seaside Room independently switched so they could be switched off, while having the remaining lights staying on. This would allow some light in the room when needed while minimizing the glare from the lights on the screen resulting in improved image quality on the screen.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Office
Report prepared by: Andrea Lindsay

I have the great honour to be the coordinator of the incredible team of ladies who volunteer in the office. Without these women, the office would not run and the daily workings of the CB55+ would be severely compromised, so I offer my deep felt thanks to: Doreen Thom; Maura Dunn; Pauline Skinner; Helen Gunter-Smith; Sherrin Horsburgh; Rikki Bowman; Judy Burgoyne; Brenda Hurd; Velma Minckler; Marlene Walker and Mary Horton.

We have had a very busy year with lots of tickets for lunches sold and many courses and special events collected for, along with all the new membership registrations and renewals. Some scheduling, booking of rooms, supply ordering and production of most of the forms, tickets and collecting and recording of all fees and costs are also the responsibility of the office.

There was some new excitement with the rearranging of the office furniture—something I have long been hoping to do. Many thanks to Mike Mooney, Michael Skinner and Dave Docherty for doing the heavy lifting and giving up a Saturday morning.

We have updated the back-up procedure in the office this year along with acquiring a new laptop specifically for the office, which allows more than one person at a time to work. This has saved the Membership Chairman and the Treasurer a great deal of time. They no longer have to “wait their turn”, which was time wasting and frustrating. We also have two new printers in the office. These have really sped up any printing or copying that needs to be done.

I would like to thank Michael Skinner and Blyth Hughes for always being there in the past to help us when we were stuck.

It has been wonderful to have Von Bishop take on the position of IT Coordinator and he has been an invaluable help with using the new equipment and answering many questions.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Membership
Report prepared by: Velma Minckler

The membership total at the end of 2016 stood at 601 members.

The Meet & Greet held August 30, 2016 was very successful. Seventeen new members signed up that day.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Kitchen
Report prepared by: Helen Maxwell

2016 was a very good year in the kitchen of the Cordova Bay 55+ Association. It is the lovely contributions of so many that continue to make the Centre an enjoyable place to be. In the 18 months that I have been managing the kitchen activities, a core group of volunteers have been there to assist with providing the coffee, tea, juices and baked goods each morning and the lunch on Wednesday. More members are enjoying the coffee/tea throughout each day. Thank you to all of our CB55+ members who have assisted with extra baking, special luncheons or as supporters of our current level of service.

Thank you to our regular 2016 kitchen volunteers for coming in for their weekly shifts between 9:00 and noon:
– Val Coulter
– Angie Doherty
– Pauline East
– Shirley Metters
– Velma Minckler
– Orma Paton
– Dianne Restall
– Lynn Ross
– Christine Smith

Another team also comes in each Wednesday to assist with the preparation, serving and cleanup after the luncheon:
– Shannon Baylis
– Sirpa Bell
– Val Coulter
– Angie Doherty
– Annie Huus
– Bev Skillings
– Christine Smith

Special thanks to Sue Williams for continuing to coordinate the weekly lunches provided by the Culinary Arts Program at Stelly’s Secondary School, and served by our team of CB55+ members. Over the past year the Wednesday lunches have been very successful and they also provide our members with the opportunity to enjoy a reasonably priced lunch and to socialize.

On a few occasions other CB55+ members have stepped in to prepare and serve luncheons when Stelly’s has been unable to do so. These have included:
– the Art group with Jane Bishop’s leadership,
– Val Baba’s Chinese luncheon,
– the Pickleball group with the Bancroft leadership
– and so much more.

A huge thank you to everyone involved with these culinary adventures. About 40 meals are provided each week usually on a Wednesday.

On an irregular basis CB55+ members have been invited to bring in baking to be enjoyed by all members. These delights have been received with great appreciation.

The volunteers in the kitchen also assisted with the implementation of many social events at CB55+ and at member’s homes. These include
– regular Tuesday drop in events,
– regular and special lunches, and
– extra special social events.

Some of these social events were:
– the Robbie Burns luncheon under the leadership of Dave Horsburgh and his “Scottish” supporters,
– the Rhodo rhapsody at Don and Bobbie Johannessen’s lovely home and garden,
– the Mother’s Day Luncheon at Stelly’s and
– Connie’s Garden Party in June.

This final wrap up to our first half of the year involved the kitchen in such ways as the provision of paper plates and cutlery, coffee urns and tea requirements, table cloths and some of the work that is required to make any large social occasion a success. All CB55+ members gave Connie’s Garden Party a huge vote of true success.

In July the strawberries and waffles called us to enjoy CB55+ hospitality again.

In September we welcomed our return to CB55+ with a Garden Celebration at Doug & Bev Skillings’ home. This was another lovely success.

On December 6 it was time to have the CB55+ Christmas Dinner at the Beach House. This much anticipated event is organized by a special committee, and was made extra special with a layer of snow! It was a very special time for all.

In addition to the previously mentioned events, my role as Kitchen Coordinator also includes the ordering and purchasing of most supplies required for the smooth running of our kitchen facilities. In 2016 our biggest purchase was the acquisition of a new Panasonic microwave. The combination model selected provides convection and baking options. Thanks to Sue Williams who worked with me on this purchase decision.

Thank you to all CB55+ members who have support the kitchen in so many ways throughout 2016.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Volunteers
Report prepared by: Doris Brix

I am always inspired and amazed at the number of members who provide us with the time and talent that makes CB55+ such a great volunteer run organization. Whenever there is a need there is always someone who steps forward to help.

Our latest project is to find members to call other members who are shut in or can’t get to the center on a regular basis but would like a chat now and then. We feel this is a definite need and I’m confident that we can meet it.

Thanks from all of us to all of you for everything you do.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Outreach
Report prepared by: Sue Williams

The updated Outreach Program has been going for a while now and it has been well received by the members taking advantage of it.

The program is meant to provide short-term assistance with meals which can either be picked up at the Centre or delivered. It is designed to complement, not replace, other existing CB55+ meal programs.

We can also provide a list of companies that provide meals for a longer term.

Access to the program can be initiated by a simple call to the CB55+ Office.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Information Technology (IT)
Report prepared by: Von Bishop

In the fall of 2017 I was asked to fill a new position of Information Technology (IT) Coordinator. I prepared a Job Description that was approved by the Board and after lots of consultation with Board members and others, prepared an IT Plan. The prime purpose of the Plan was to replace our aging general use computers, to improve the flexibility and access to computers for the Special Interest Groups and course and to improve space use in the Centre.

With the assistance of many but in particular of Chris Carter and Blyth Hughes, the IT Plan has been mostly implemented as follows:

1. We retained a consultant, Mac Zen Computing, to acquire and install a server for our office computer, to act as a backup. They also supplied a Windows laptop for the office to allow more than one person at a time to access the computer files.

2. We removed and donated to a charity our two Sony Viao PC’s, two of our iMacs, and an old printer. One of the computer desks was repurposed for the kitchen to hold the microwave.

3. We retained one of our iMacs for general membership use, with the intention of replacing it when members were comfortable with the new machines.

4. We installed our oldest existing MacBook Pro to run the TV display in the Lounge.

5. We installed our newest existing MacBook Pro and a new Windows laptop on the desk in the Lounge for general membership use.

6. We purchased a new MacBook Pro that is kept locked in a cupboard in the Studio for SIG’s or courses to use. The long term plan is to replace the existing iMac with this computer.

7. We purchased two new printers for the office. One is a B&W laser, the other is a color inkjet. The existing inkjet printer from the office was moved to the Lounge. All printers are wifi enabled.

8. We installed a wifi extender in the Studio to improve the signal strength.

9. We installed Office 2007 from our existing licenses on all our new computers. We installed software on the new computers for the Photography and other SIG’s to use.

Future Steps

The focus for IT this year will be as follows:

1. Work with the Office volunteers to improve our emailing capabilities.

2. Work with our Website volunteers to improve our capabilities.

3. Work with the Treasurer, the Office Coordinator and the Membership Coordinator to investigate what we can do to allow computerized registrations and payments.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
Reports to the Annual General Meeting- March 21, 2017

Committee or Area of Interest: Governance
Report prepared by: Dave Docherty

Committee: Stew Arnold, Chris Carter, Louise Parton, Tom Wood, and David Docherty

The major task undertaken by the Governance Committee was the review the Constitution and Bylaws of the Cordova Bay 55+ Association and to see it conformed to the new B.C. Societies’ Act that governs not-for-profit corporations and societies. Most of the Governance Committee members attended special meetings organized by Volunteer Victoria that specifically presented the changes in the Act and how it may impact various organizations and groups. After due consideration the Governance Committee concluded that the current Constitution and Bylaws generally conformed to the legislation and were very well drafted to meet the specifications of the new Societies” Act. However, the Constitution needed to be reworded and changed to meet the new Specifications as described in the Act and which also better described the evolving purpose and goals of CB 55+. In essence the new Constitution reflects the mission statement that was developed at the last Strategic Planning Meeting in November 2015.  The Governance Committee also took the opportunity to review the Bylaws and update them to reflect what has become present practice as well as conform with the way other organizations are administered. The Bylaws were also renumbered into what is considered a more appropriate and logical order. The recommendations were subsequently brought to the Board and approved.

The Governance Committee considered the proposed changes were time-sensitive and the changes needed to be filed before November 17th, 2016. Consequently, a Special Meeting of the membership was held on November 15th, 2016 to approve the recommendations of the Board. All changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, including the rationales, were made available to the membership who approved the recommendations. The changes were filed with the British Columbia Registrar of Companies (Registrar) prior to the deadline.

The Governance Committee also examined our current insurance policies to see if they offer adequate protection for the Association and the members of the Board. After considerable research and advice from the insurance agency it was decided to upgrade both the Director insurance and the Commercial General insurance to $5M each.  

The Governance Committee also met on several occasions to discuss various policies and procedures which were subsequently brought to the Board for discussion and approval. In particular, the Governance Committee addressed the procedures for the formation of new groups within the Association, how to deal with an AGM in which there are more nominations than positions on the Board, as well as the format and agenda for the AGM. It was also noted that there is a need to review all the policies and procedures that are currently in place to see if they still serve the needs of the Association.


Cordova Bay 55+ Association
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