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The Special Meeting that was scheduled to take place February 12th, has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, February 19th at 11:30 a.m. following the Drop-in.  At this meeting there will be a vote on the following motion: “That the Board of Cordova Bay 55+ be authorized to spend up to $30,000 to retain Bradley Shuya Architecture Inc. to prepare conceptual plans and cost estimates for an expansion of the current CB55+ space.”


To All Member of CB55+:
Please be advised that a Special Meeting of Cordova Bay 55+ will be held on  February 12th, 2019, following the regular Tuesday morning Drop-In, regarding the following notice:

Re: Increasing Space at CB 55+

On February 12th, 2019 at a Special Meeting following the regular Tuesday morning Drop-In the membership will be asked to approve the following motion:

“That the Board of Cordova Bay 55 Plus be authorized to spend up to $30,000 to retain Bradley Shuya Architecture Inc. to prepare conceptual plans and cost estimates for an expansion of the current CB55+ space”.

Prior to the Special Meeting there will be a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, February 5th, at 1:30 PM, when members of the Expansion Committee will be available to respond to any questions or concerns from the members. Members are also invited to submit written comments or questions to Dave Docherty (angdave@telus.net) or chat to any of the members of the Expansion Committee. If the motion is passed there will be opportunity for input from the members in regard to what they might like to see in the new space or reconfiguration of the current space.


The 2008 expansion of the CB55+ space at Cordova Bay School has served the membership well.  The new space provided a large meeting room that can be split into two areas for concurrent use, a kitchen, washrooms, and a renovated Studio space. Since 2008 our membership has grown from 250 to just over 700. The completion of a number of commercial and residential buildings in the Cordova Bay neighbourhood will likely put more demand on CB 55+.

In 2016 the Board commissioned a Space Needs Analysis. The Analysis identified that for the most part there is sufficient space and time for activities to be scheduled except for some events such as Tuesday Drop-ins and special festivities (e.g. Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day) as well as safely accommodating the numbers in several of the fitness classes and other activities.

The report, however, recommended that options should be considered for expanding our space, in particular, to do the preliminary planning. The Board appointed an ad hoc Expansion Committee (consisting of Dave Docherty, Von Bishop, Mike Mooney, Bob Greig and Chris Carter) in the summer of 2018 to explore adding more space to our current facilities.

The ad hoc ExpansionCommittee issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) from three local architectural firms with previous experience in designing additional spaces for facilities such as CB 55+.  One firm declined to submit a proposal as they were too busy.

The Director of Facilities for School District 63 has indicated  that District Staff  are willing to recommend to their Board the addition of 30’ to the south of the “Big Room”. This would provide an additional 1,500 square feet to the “Big Room”, with the possibility of additional designated space below that.


Current Situation

Proposals were received from Bradley Shuya Architecture Inc. and from HCMA Architecture, and were reviewed by the Committee.

The terms of the RFP call for the architect to work in two phases. In Phase 1 the architect will meet with representatives of CB55+, School District 63 (SD63), and Saanich, to hear what the needs and wishes of each party are, after which they will develop conceptual options for additional development and review the options with the stakeholders. One option will be chosen to develop further, and an initial cost estimate will be calculated by a Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) as part of the Architectural team, in order to make sure that we are on a reasonable track.

Phase 2 will involve Structural, Mechanical and Electrical engineering sub consultants reviewing the proposed addition, and providing information to the PQS to allow them to prepare what is called a Class C estimate. This estimate is more detailed than an indicative estimate such as one based on cost per square meter, but is not based on full construction drawings. The estimate should provide assurance to any funding or granting institutions that the cost of what is proposed, at the time of estimate, is sufficiently accurate and can be relied upon.

RFP Evaluation

The proposals were evaluated for:

–        Fee Schedule

–        Work Program/Task List i.e. does the Proposal fully identify and discuss all the key factors to be considered?  Is there a clear, logical and complete progression of tasks to be undertaken?

–        Past performance of the firm and staff as determined from references.

Based on the evaluation, the Board has approved that Bradley Shuya Archtecture Inc. be contracted, subject to approval by the CB55+ membership in a General Meeting.

The cost of Shuya’s proposal is as follows (all costs include GST):

Phase 1                       $9,608

Phase 2                     $19,058

Total                          $28,665

The request for $30,000 includes the cost of disbursements (photocopying, mail, etc) and provides a small contingency.

(Full details of the proposals are available on request.)

The cost of the proposal from HCMA was in the order of an additional $8,500.

Note: We will only proceed with Phase 2 if we have continued support from SD63, after they  have reviewed the results from Phase 1.


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