Men’s Fitness

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Men’s fitness meets every Monday and Wednesday mornings in the Big Room, from 8:30 – 9:25 am.  The class includes a warm up, upper and lower body strength development, exercises to strengthen the core, and some flexibility exercises as part of the cool down.  The exercises are continuous which does provide some aerobic effect.  Each of the activities can be modified to accommodate some limitations.  There is a $2.00 drop in fee to cover the cost of replacing and buying equipment.


The Men’s Fitness Group  will continue through the holidays.

For further information please contact:

David Docherty     Phone:(250) 658-8303

David Docherty has his Ph.D. in the area of Exercise Science and has been conducting fitness classes for men 55+ years of age for the last three years. He is a Professor Emeritus in the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education at the University of Victoria. He was a Professor at UVic for 40 years teaching and researching in the area of fitness and health and is still making presentations to a variety of organizations in the Greater Victoria Community about the importance of physical activity as we grow older. He practices what he preaches. He has been a “master coach” for the National Coaching Institute (N.C.I.), Victoria in the area of Strength and Conditioning and continues to be a mentor for coaches at the N.C.I.  in the area of physical performance. He has designed and implemented training programs for a variety of ages and ability levels from high performance athletes to retired
people looking to increase their fitness levels.
Cordova Bay 55+ Association
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Donations can be made by cheque and dropped off or mailed to:

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
#1-5238 Cordova Bay Road,
Victoria, BC, V8Y 2L2
Telephone: 250-658-5558
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